And My Home Will Never Be As Clean….

On Saturday The Partner and I officially took the plunge and got a dog….

dog, terrier

I would like to formally introduce Sir Scruffy Cheng-Lake.  Weighing in at 9 pounds, he is a year old terrier mix of wiry blonde cuteness.  We got him from a fantastic rescue group in San Francisco named Wonder Dog Rescue that specializes rescuing dogs from kill shelters.  The founder, Linda, is a warm and passionate person who carefully evaluates each rescue and ensures that each are placed in a home suited to their needs.  It still amazes me that someone didn’t want Scruffy…..honestly, how could you not fall in love with that face!

wirehaired terrier, rescue dog, pound dog

We picked Scruffy up on Saturday and the weekend was a whirlwind of dog related activities, including his first bath which I wish I had gotten pictures of, but he was a bit freaked out by the experience as well as The Partner’s and I foray in cleaning up various bodily fluids ranging from vomit to poop.

Yesterday was a bit of a tense say since Scruffy refused to eat and vomited on 4 different occasions, so we took a trip to get him some IV fluids and some medication.  Fortunately, it looks like the medication has worked since he ate a full meal yesterday and this morning we were “surprised” by any odd puddles of fluids.  GO SCRUFFY!

So now it’s time to get him in obedience classes and organize some doggie play dates.  Overall, I am happy that Scruffy is part of our family…HOWEVER, I am still not 100% enthralled by the thought of urine & vomit stains on my carpets and his persistent “dog smell” even after the bath.  Any tips on how to keep the house from smelling like a kennel are appreciated!

Okay, I am off to play with him before I start my errands.  Honestly, with him being some cute, how am I ever going to get any work done……..



32 thoughts on “And My Home Will Never Be As Clean….

  1. Get a Little Green Bissell hand-steamer. I wish I had one when Spencer was a newborn for all the spit-ups that destroyed our carpet. Congrats, btw! He’s v. cute and I love his name.

  2. Congrats! and bless you for giving him the chance others {for some ridiculous reason} didn’t. I am SURE he will make you both very happy. It does take a little while to get “used” and “know” where to go, but it will eventually work for everyone.
    The smell will take a while to get rid of, but it will go. Now that he is in a nice home, with people who love him and will take care of him, he will smell nice eventually. Careful with the baths! no water inside the ears, or risk of infection. My two cents…and lots of best wishes on this wonderful new addition!

  3. For the floors, invest in some Nature’s Miracle, red and white bottle at most pet supply stores . . . get the big bottle! For the doggie smell, get one of the dog beds from Costco that has cedar chips inside. Makes your dog and your house smell good!

  4. My husband and I brought home our first puppy 2 months ago… It’s ridiculous how quickly you fall in love with them. Good luck on his transition to his new home! Hope you still find time to blog!!!

  5. I had a dog, Nutmeg, who looked EXACTLY like Sir Scruffy so I’m feeling a little sentimental right now. You’ll become immune to the dog smell– I remember thinking how everything smelled like dog when we got our current critter nine years ago– the pee smell, however, you’ll need a carpet steamer and some white vinegar to really get out. Congrats on the new addition!

  6. Too cute!! LOVE him!!

    Hereis my advice as a fellow dog rescuer as well as a doggy foster mom:

    That wet dog smell will always be with him when wet but he will start to smell more like you and your home then a kennel in a few days!! 🙂 He also may be giving off a bit of a “stressed” smell which will also go away when he gets a bit more acclimated.

    Take him out constantly – every half hour or as often as you can…only in the beginning. He is used to be caged (most likely) and since you don’t know much of his prior experience it is best to pretend you are starting with a brand new puppy and do the leg work. Gradually start spreading out the walks to 45 minutes and one hour. He will catch on in no time.

    If you need any more help or have specific questions feel free to drop me a line! I love pups and also love my house and doing my DIY stuff but having a pup interrupts that stuff until they get accustomed to bieng lose in the house. In the beginning don’t leave hi in any room alone…puddles and poops will surely follow! 🙂

    Congratulations, new doggy daddy!!


  7. Get Resolve carpet spray – Pet stain variety. One of my dogs (should I have posted as Anonymous?) eats poop outside thens throws it up inside. Resolve takes care of it all. Your dog is probably just nervous. It may have had bad treatment at its last house. Remember to let Scruffy out right after eating. Give him a bath in oatmeal dog shampoo followed by people hair conditioner every two weeks. He will stay nice and clean, hopefully. You might want to get some baby gates to contain the accidents until he gets used to you. Good luck! Ann

  8. I second Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Glad yall adopted. I luff maminals. especially dogs they make even a crappy day a “super” crappy day.

    Scruffy is cute, especially when he looks like road kill laying down. Funny that Scruffy. Congrats!

  9. I have 2 rescue dogs – both lab mixes! I call them my old men now. I’ve had them since they were pups and they’re 11 and 12 now. Life’s so different with a dog in your life. I literally vacuum everyday – I just look at it like exercise 🙂 They’re worth the trouble -most of the time 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your new addition! Scruffy is adorable! Wonder Dog Resucue is a fabulous rescue group. Scruffy will change your life and you will love it. We added a puppy to our family last year and he has brought so much love, laughter and fun into our home. As others have commented, Nature’s Miracle is a life saver. Obedience school is a must, too, doggie play sessions and a dog park, if you have one close by. We also had a trainer come to our home once a week which worked out really well. I don’t live far from you so if you ever want a doggie play session I’m happy to bring our sweet guy over or you can come to us! Keep us posted on your journey with Scruffy!

  11. I can’t imagine my life without my dogs, so a big congratulations to you and The Partner from me and my girls, Wit and Gracie Sophia. I got Wit from a breeder when she was a puppy but she was such a pain-in-the-ass puppy (although completely adorable, and that’s what I tell her – she was cute, therefore she lives) that I decided to get an adult for my next dog and adopted 9-year-old Gracie from a rescue group. I got really lucky – one accident in the house and then she caught right on. Her former owner is in jail for animal abuse and it makes me sick to think about what horrible things Gracie must have gone through so I spoil her and Wit like crazy. Gracie smelled pretty rank when I first got her, but she loves getting baths so she gets one every couple of weeks – I agree with the person who said to use Oatmeal Soap – it will help calm any skin conditions. Take Scruffy to the vet to see if he has any teeth problems which might be causing bad breath too. I read on twitter that he was having tummy problems – probably caused by stress and a new routine – my advice for tummy issues is to cut out all food and only give ice chips until he keeps them down. Then add water, and when he keeps that down, start giving him a little (a spoonful) boiled rice. As he improves, add more rice and plain chicken until he isn’t sick anymore. And if you need to change his food, do it really gradually, over at least 2 weeks or more. Just keep mixing the old and the new together and decrease the amount of the old until he’s eating all the new food. Changing food from one kind to another without letting them get used to it can cause all kinds of digestive problems, and then you will need lots of Nature’s Miracle, as everyone else has said. It’s the best. Again, congratulations on the new addition. Your life will be so much richer and more fun. The love you get from an animal is amazing.

  12. Ha ha, my baby vomits less than your dog. That win is completely nullified by our feline, She Who Must Be Obeyed, who makes sure to vomit on the carpeted parts of the house (all 20% of it). Did I mention she does this every week?

    Anyways, rescues frequently have stomach or health issues so it’s really good you’re being so proactive and taking such good care of Scruffers. Our family has had the full range of pets (rescues, foster pets, and purebreds) and closely watching/managing health concerns is key to pet ownership.

  13. Forgot to say that Sir Scruffypants is ridiculously cute and can play in our yard anytime as long as he doesn’t mind being barred from the house (She Who Must Be Obeyed does not appreciate company).

  14. Congratulations Pappas! There is so much love in a home with a dog! We used to have two big ones and the Dyson “animal” vacuum picked up dog hair like no other. But the dog smell is there to stay, I’m sorry to say- open the windows once in a while and it’s all good:)

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  16. Cute dog! We got a rescue dog about a year ago (half chihuahua and half whippet, we were told); his name is Zippy. We had dogs when I was a kid, but I don’t remember any “doggy” smell at all so I was shocked at how much our new dog “smelled” when we got him (and secretly a little horrified!). His smell hasn’t really gone away; I think some dogs just smell more than others??? But the kids love him. We also found we are so not good dog trainers and sent him to a combined doggy boarding/boot camp place instead. They did such a great job training him; he was so much better behaved when he came home.

  17. Awww, he’s such a cutie.. he looks like my Chompers, a silky haired terrier, when we let his hair wolf out. He likes when he gets a close cut because it makes him look more butch.

    Wishing you and your Partner many blessings with the new bundle of joy!

  18. You pooch is almost a dead ringer for out wonderful friend, Ralph. He has been gone to heaven for 17 years. It made me misty to see your pictures.

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