Special Offer on Bloxes

Over the weekend, I received a comment from a member of the Blox team , Aviva Raskin, thanking me for the post I did last week on the product.  Quick recap, Bloxes are a corrugated cardboard structure that can be linked together to build a variety of items from dividing walls to chairs to massive dice…..

When Aviva read that my readers may find the price for a pack of Blox (they are sold in packs of 5) to be slightly high, she was generous enough to extend a discount previously only for Maker Faire attendees.  Aviva is offering a 19% discount bringing the cost down to $12.63 a pack. To receive the discount, use the code MAKERFAIRE through June 12.

Now go forth and buy!  I on the other hand will be spending this week prepping for the move-in for the apartment remodel I am doing.  Thursday is installation and while I know I prepared, there is still that nagging feeling that I am forgetting something.  In any case, here is to a GREAT week!!!


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