New Article Over At Centsational Girl

I am guest blogging over at Centsational Girl on “breaking design rules” and how you can do so successfully.

Check out what I along with four other design bloggers say about designing without rules and using a bit of common sense and your gut to get the home you want.


5 thoughts on “New Article Over At Centsational Girl

  1. What a great article Courtney! I loved hearing from the different designers on each rule. I’m a big fan of mixed metals and painted ceilings!

  2. I’m new to your blog and loved your post over at Centsational Girl today!I am so with you on BREAK the rules! I did a post a while back about personal style and I commented on how I used to be so much more methodical with design. Following the rules is good as a basis but it looks cookie cutter after a while. You gotta learn let loose and go with your likes and gut…not the book. Make it your own, because isn’t it YOU who lives in your house?! Can’t wait for your next post:)

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