Loving Out Loud: Jaime Beckwith Collection Floor Tiles

Mondays have always been hard for me.  Moving from my relaxed and laid back weekend mode to my more structured weekdays isn’t always a smooth transition.  So I am going to keep my Monday posts short and sweet moving forward.

The Jaime Beckwith Collection  is a set of designer floor tiles that are blowing my mind.  The shapes are amazing, in particular the Enigma line with my favorite being the Sextant:

How amazing are those tiles?  OMG.  I ran across them during a search for flooring that I could put on a wall (pending project at the house).  It appears that Candace Olsen of HGTV fame had a similar idea because when I showed them to The Partner, he pulled up the TIVOed episode where she used it above a fireplace.

In any case, The Jaime Beckwith Collection comes in multiple styles and finishes.  I can’t wait to get my hand on a sample!

And a friendly reminder that there is only one day left to enter my May Give Away  to win a pretty cool spin on the traditional tea set.


8 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Jaime Beckwith Collection Floor Tiles

  1. I think something similar was used in a bathroom floor installation on Bathtastic or some other DIY network show. They’re sort of fantastic 🙂

  2. Yes, I remember loving those when I saw Candice use them on her show! Gorgeous! And I like how you are doing what works for you regarding Mondays. I’m bad at Mondays too, so when I recently went back to work, I chose to work Tue, Wed, and Thur and I looooove having Friday and Monday off! Sunday nights used to be so bad, but now I can relax more.

  3. oooh those floors are so pretty!!

    New blog look is dope btw like it. Received the fabric last week, thanks again! Still trying to figure out what to use it in. I loves it, really even though it has red in it. Which i might just use in my own home. ughhhhh!!!! Holy crap, bri use red! Yep.

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