Loving Out Loud: Roost Squirrel TableLamp

Okay, when I saw this in the store, I smiled and fought every urge to buy it…….

Honestly, how can you not chuckle a bit?!?  It’s really quite simple …let me break it down for you……..

White Ceramic Squirrel


Holding a Large Nut


It Also Being a Lamp



However, what is not a laughing matter is that it’s $121 – so it ain’t no cheap joke.  But should the “tree rat” still tickle your fancy, you can pick him up over at online retailer Velocity.

I am off to finish my Mother’s Day table but as I do that, take a second to enter my newest give away.  Get a fat quarter of a yard of custom fabric from moi – enough to make a fancy pillow.  Check out the details here……

Have an awesome weekend!

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