Results from Spoonflower Project & Give Away

A few weeks ago, I entered the realm of trying to create my own textiles with the help of the online textile site Spoonflower.  I received the results of my endeavor and lets just say that it was not the look I was going for…..

Spoonflower "Fat Quarter" of Design

It isn’t bad – actually I think the moorish tile design I created is quite cute BUT…….I was trying to create a design that was similar to Windsor Smith’s Riad pattern.  Looking at the designs side by side, you can see I am WAY OFF in color and scale…..

As you can see, there is no comparison.  My design pales in comparison, but I think it can be saved with some tweaking to the repeat and scale.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do another go around since this “experiment” took over a month to get back to me from Spoonflower.  That would be my only compliant — the normal turn around time for a sample is over a month, so you need to budget at least 1.5-2 months to get your custom fabric plus time to have it made into whatever you intended.  I know you can pay for expedited shipping, but at a month’s duration, it is almost not worth it from the stance of downtime.

So I am switching direction and going to stencil the fabric with the same trellis design from my living room accent wall.  It is very similar in scale and shape of the Windsor Smith fabric plus I can do it at a fraction of the cost.  If my estimates are correct, I can get 6 Ikea linen panels for around $200 and the stencil is $50, plus fabric paint and the total cost should be under $300.  On the flip side, purchasing the yardage I need for the Windsor Smith fabric would set us back $1400-1800 – so not in the budget.

However, since I am not going to use the Spoonflower remanent, I am going to give it away.  Leave a comment below as well as a way to contact you.  The give away is through May 10 midnight.  Hopefully one of you crafty and glorious folk turn my mistake into a prize!


10 thoughts on “Results from Spoonflower Project & Give Away

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  2. I think this fabric would be perfect for a project (fabric, liquid starch) I’ve been wanting to try for the inside of my corner hutch. Thanks for another great opportunity to win!!

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