Tear Down That B***h of a Bearing Wall……

You get extra points if know where the title of this post originated……

First, apologies for being an absentee blogger.  I honestly was enjoying my brief time away from home for pleasure and work.  It felt good not doing anything….really good, so I decided to ride it for as long as I could.  However, I can say that I am quite happy to be back!  I am even happier that I have finished up the yoga studio (pics to come shortly) and am starting two new projects.  The first  project is why I went to Vegas — it is a kitchen update for a lovely couple who bought a second home in Sin City.  The other project is closer to home and is a total gut job!

Yippee!  My first gut job – walls are coming down baby!  I am gonna make it RAIN!  Well the contractor will….and it’s only the kitchen that is being gutted, but it still  hasn’t dampened by excitement over the project.  It is a triplex in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco which the owners are looking to convert into a vacation/executive rental.  So far they have completed one apartment and this is the second to be renovated.  If all goes well with this one, my fingers are crossed that I will get the third apartment to redo.

So today, I visited the site and was giddy with the progress…..of course it looks like nothing at the moment, but that is part of the excitement.  It’s a blank slate ready to be molded and shaped.  Okay, I am starting to scare myself and sound slightly like Bob Ross of PBS fame.  In any case, here are some before and progress pictures of the project……..

Bedroom 1



Back Door



Master Bedroom

Living Room

Dining Room

The turn around on this project is going to be quick – less than a month, so the next three weeks will be a blur of shopping (yes), painting (by a professional – double yes) and staging (Yes, YEs, YES!).  Get buckled in – it’s gonna be a fun, albeit, bumpy ride!

On a side note, I am throwing together an impromptu Mother’s Day tablescape, so stay tuned for that as well as a new give away!

May is starting off with a BANG!  How is your May going?


8 thoughts on “Tear Down That B***h of a Bearing Wall……

  1. Well my May is nowhere near as exciting as yours. It has started on bumpy…but Id rather fast forward 3 months to forget those.

    Gut job? Count me in for wanting to see photos everyday.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. What a fabulous project, Courtney! I love the character of those older homes in San Francisco. I look forward to seeing your transformation.

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  4. “I’ll tell ya what to do. Tear down that b**ch of a bearing wall and put a WINDOW where it ought to be!” (applause, applause, throw kisses, exit stage left) Mommie Dearest, natch. Just found you from Centsational Girl now I’m snooping on your blog. Lovely.

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