Upcoming Project: Slipcovering Dining Chairs

Happy Belated Easter!

This week I am traveling for work and pleasure…mostly work, but a boy’s gotta have a little bit of fun right?  In between school, design projects and running the household, I am stretched pretty thin at the moment.  Fortunately, classes end for a month in two weeks and one design project is winding down, so I have a bit of a breather.

So with this bit of down time, I can focus on at least one household project……slipcovering my dining room chairs.  Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE my dining room chairs…….

The Miles Chair from Room and Board is a versatile chair; slim in profile, they look fantastic with my glass dining table and equally awesome when pulled out to the patio for a casual dinner.  However, I don’t think the chairs were meant for the heavy wear and tear that I have subjected them to along with intense hours in direct sun thanks to my sliding glass wall.  The backs of two of the chairs is starting to warp and bubble and one has a small tear in the leather.


So I have two options: (1) replace the damaged chairs and at $175 a pop, that is an expensive proposition or (2) slipcover these bad boys.  By now, y’all should know that I like to look at the frugal option  before parting with my cold hard cash.  Slipcovers it is.  But slipcovers can quickly spiral out of control and I could find myself spending a butt load (yes that is an official designer term in my book) on fabric and labor.

Fortunately, I visited my favorite discount fabric store and found this fantastic indoor/outdoor fabric in an oversized leaf motif:

The fabric is a fantastic mix of butter yellow, greige and green — it sounds odd but in the kitchen, it adds a fantastic pop of pattern and looks great with the teal in the pantry.  But the cincher is that the fabric is $8/yard.  I estimate that it will take 2 yards of fabric per chair so it cost me $100 for fabric and about $100-$150 for labor.  For a grand total of $250 or slightly more than replacing one chair, I can get basically six new chairs and a whole new look for the kitchen.

Now I just have to put this plan into motion…….and that is always the difficult part isn’t it?

So do you have a killer fabric you are dying to use in your home?  Share it in a comment!

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Project: Slipcovering Dining Chairs

  1. The slipcovers are such a great idea as you can change them out when you get bored. Love the fabric- I’m looking for a stripy navy to recover our study chair!
    Rachie xo

    • I love a good striped fabric Rachie — i found some amazing gold and pewter fabric in the sale bin of Joann’s for $1.50/yard. I bought the whole roll simply b/c it was so cheap and have been using it with clients on a budget.

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