Loving Out Loud: We Could Grow Up Together

If images are worth a thousand words, then the blog, We Could Grow Up Together has written at least three books…….

Fashion photographer Kwannam Chu chronicles his life, work, friends and little indulgences (and occasional big ones aka his Celine tote!) on the blog.  I find his images to be relaxed, dreamy and simply beautiful to look at.  He takes his camera everywhere, so reading his blog gives you a true sense of what it means to live in NYC – from the small shops he loves to the cozy cafe where Kwannam sips his coffees, you get the sense that he is living a truly wonderful life.  While my time in NYC was short, looking at the pictures of his life, reminds me that if you try hard enough that you can create a quiet, personable and wonderful life in one of the world’s busiest cities.

Hope you have a great weekend and take some time to carve out your own niches with friends and family this Easter!


One thought on “Loving Out Loud: We Could Grow Up Together

  1. I’ve always thought it would be great to live in NYC for maybe 2 years- to get to experience the city and all it’s offering and weather changes, but then come back to a more peaceful life. It’s good to see people relaxing in the hustle and bustle.

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