Shoes Before Bros……..

First and foremost, thank you for indulging me yesterday.  I loved getting the emails, comments and feedback from everyone — please keep it up!  I really was not kidding when I said, your comments feed my soul.  It’s what nourishes me …makes me whole….gives me reason and purpose.  Okay, that was laying it on thick but honestly, it is greatly appreciated and not lost on me that you took a moment out of your day to say hello, write a comment or silently curse me and my pathetic need for attention.

Now on to the post at hand.  So did I ever tell you that I like shoes?  Like Imelda Marcos level of liking.  One day when I am not embarrassed by the situation, I will post a picture of my shoe closet.  Yes, I have a shoe closet which in theory should be the closet for the guest bedroom.  However, I feel that if you are a guest in my house, I don’t want you to get too comfortable, so you get a luggage rack, 6 hangers and two drawers.  If you need more room, clearly you planned to stay too long.  And for the record, I am the perfect host for exactly 6 days; home cooked meals, sight-seeing, witty conversation and dinner parties galore.  On the 7th day, you get cold cereal, a map to the airport and the hard realization that I wasn’t kidding when I said 7 days.  Deuces. Peace.  Starting a steppin’.  Kick rocks. Word.

So let’s recap:

1) I love shoes.

2) I love guests for 6 days exactly.

I share this information for no particular reason aside from the fact that all my guests this Summer will be staring at least 2 new pairs of shoes as they try to cram their stuff into the closet:

The Air Colby from Cole Haan is the perfect Summer shoe in my opinion.  I wear alot of jeans and khakis in the Summer.  Sans socks.  I hate socks – they make me sweat.  Plus I have really cute ankles and for anyone who has ever seen a man with “cankles” you will understand the importance of a man with cute ankles.  At $200, they are not a cheap shoe but the colors and style are perfect for me.  Hello rolled up jeans with cute saddle shoes!


This lovely is the Boat Oxford by Sperry Top-Sider in Olive.  The shoe is washed canvas and retails for the fantastically reasonable price of $80.  I envision these with a pair of shorts, a short sleeve shirt and a straw fedora as I sip a mojito and watch all the hot ladies go by.  Okay that was a lie.  I would be watching the hot hunks go by.  I seriously need to stop lying……..

In any case, let’s recap what we learned today:

1) I love shoes.

2) I have a closet dedicated to shoes.

3) Guests at Casa Courtney should only stay for 6 days.

4) I don’t like wearing socks.

5) I have a tendency to lie.

So now you know a little more about me and in turn I feel it’s only polite that you return the favor.  So what one piece are you itching to add to your Summer closet?  Leave a comment and share your next clothing splurge.  Don’t worry, it’s just me and you on here…no one else has to know.

Okay that was a lie….a crap load of people read my blog, so alot of people will know.  Damn.  I REALLY need to work on this lying thing…….


2 thoughts on “Shoes Before Bros……..

  1. LOVE the blue saddle shoes. And wow, your guest tolerance is high. About 3 nights is the max for me (for people who need constant entertaining). Independent guests, I can last longer.

  2. ok, these are my new obsession:
    they are the perfect summer shoe for work since I can’t wear open-toed shoes. I love the coral pink and the little cutouts.
    But I don’t wear that much that would match coral pink, so buying these shoes at $209 would require purchasing at least four new outfits. And since we’re also trying to furnish our house I can’t commit.
    So now I just lust….

    And Courtney, I’m with you on the shoe obsession. =)

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