And Now A Word From…..Well Me.

(In my best PBS fundraising voice…)

Hi there –

I appreciate your patronage to Courtney Out Loud.  It’s because of readers like you that I am able to bring such fantastic blog posts like  my holiday tablescapes, client design boards and quick and easy recipes.  Your continued support will enable me to do more things and continue the quality posts you have come to know and enjoy.  However, like a Hollywood starlet desperate for attention or Charlie Sheen, I need you all to show that you care.  How can you do this?  Simple.  Here are six easy ways….

1) Leave comments: I love comments.  They are my life blood.  If I was a vampire, I would feed off comments.  Even if it is a single sentence, comments are a quick and easy way to show that you enjoy the posts I am putting up.  Heck, if you hate the posts I am putting up, leave a comment then too and tell me.  I can change ….no really…I can change. 

2) Subscribe to the blog:  Don’t have time to visit every day and enjoy the idea that a little part of Courtney will be waiting for you when you get home.  Honestly, is there anything better than crawling into bed after a long day with your laptop, opening up your email and finding a cute, funny and entertaining blog post from me waiting in your inbox?  I thought not, so why not subscribe.  Honestly, receiving emails from me is way more fun than the usual Viagra and female pattern baldness SPAM.  That is unless you have those ailments and those emails offer you hope, then by all means continue to read them, but in between those enlightening emails, I am sure you can squeeze in an email from me.  Look to your right and click the “Subscribe” link.  I will like you forever!

3) Follow me on Twitter: Don’t want to read 500 words from me? What about 140 characters?  If brevity is your thing, then I urge you to follow me on Twitter (  If my blog is rated “G” then my Twitter is probably “PG-13” – so expect wild and crazy pictures (of furniture), stripping (of wood) and lots of talk about thick meat (take that one for what it’s worth).

4) Follow me on Facebook: Just like your middle school class from 1984, I too, have a Facebook page.  Find behind the scenes pictures, special offers, discount coupons, commentary from today’s leading design and culinary experts and a host of other things on the page.  Okay, that was a total like — there will be pictures and discount codes but the commentary is pretty much all mine.  However, the commentary is funny and it’s stuff you won’t find on the blog or in my Twitter feed – yup fresh content for all you design hungry peeps.  I am putting out harder than that girl in high school that everyone knew would go to 2nd base on the first date.  Click on the hyperlinks above or the Facebook icon on the right to start your magical journey …..

5) Tell A Friend/Relative/Crazy Homeless Guy: Word of mouth is how I am going to grow this blog and believe me I have been telling everyone in shouting distance about the blog.  Now it’s your turn.  If you like the blog, write a post about it on your blog, put me on your blogroll, flyer nursing homes with my URL (it counts as community service in some states FYI), but most importantly, tell people about me.  I enjoy being gossiped about – I will even send you unflattering photos of me in compromising situations if that helps.

6) Email: I read and respond to every email I get because I love talking about design, food and DIY projects.  I get excited when I see the little icon appear indicating that I have mail because it means I get to have a personal interaction with someone just as passionate about the topics.  Well that is unless you are the same folks reading the Viagra and female pattern baldness SPAM and want to talk…I am gonna pass on that then.  However, for anyone else shoot me an email at

Blogging is something I do because I love it but the joy comes from knowing that I am sharing with people from all over the world.  To those of you who have done any of the above six things – thank you thank you thank you.  I truly appreciate it and am grateful.  For those you stumbling onto this blog today, take a chance on me and find out why I was voted “Most Likely To Succeed” in high school.  And for those of y’all you have lurked on the edges but haven’t taken the plunge, do something bold today.  I promise it won’t be nearly as painful as watching a PBS fundraising telecast.


8 thoughts on “And Now A Word From…..Well Me.

  1. all right, i’ll stop lurking and comment if I read… : ) love what you’re doing — you have come so far!!! you should feel v. proud.

    • Bri – you are a knock out from what I can tell in your picture, so this Courtney chick clearly is a stunner if you are putting a bag on your head. However, thanks for the shout out to your friends. 🙂 I appreciate it.

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