Spring Has Sprung: Part Two

I am a man of my word.  Yesterday, I promised to show you pictures of the final succulent container garden and here they are:

I am quite pleased with how the pots turned out.  I used Rust-oleum textured spray paint on the pots to make them look like stone.  So for $11 for two cans of paint,  I was able to transform two pots I already owned into two large stone-like containers.  Real stone pots would have set me back $20+ each at a home improvement store.  Using “shopping math” (thanks Sarah for the phrase), I used the money I “saved” and splurged on a variety of succulents to coordinate with the small pot I started last year.

Speaking of that pot, it is doing well — actually almost too well.  I am afraid that the pot I used to plant  it last year may now be too small.  What do you think?  

I also freshened up the pots at the front of the house with some new plants…..

With Spring in full tilt, I am now more ready than ever to tackle a big project for my patio to replace the SAD looking potato vines  that have claimed residence along my back retaining wall.  Details to come!  So with Spring in the air, what gardening projects do you have your “To Do” lists?


10 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung: Part Two

  1. I so wish it was warm enough in Minneapolis to plant things already. I love the one on your table (at least that is what it looks like). Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Courtney! Thanks for sharing the photos from your spring project, your pots turned out beautiful as they have such a variety of sizes, shape, color and texture. Last year I planted a few small succulents and cactus in a bowl and they too have overgrown the space! Your cactus bowl on the table seems full, but not overgrown. Not yet at least!

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