Spring Has Sprung…..

Spring is here.  Warm weather, barbeques and outdoor living are now on the agenda and I could not be happier.  I think after almost a month of solid rain, I was mentally ready to be outdoors without the aid of an umbrella and rain boots.  Thankfully this weekend proved to the perfect introduction to Spring in the Bay Area, so I took advantage and decide to “refresh” my outdoor planters as well as add some new ones.  Here is a sneak peek at the items I got……

So I went a little hog-wild and bought a few more plants than I intended which afforded me the opportunity to plant two pots and transform a pot I had hiding in my garage after the demise of my weeping fig tree….

Fueled by a glass or two of wine, warm weather and some left over spray paint, I created two new container gardens as well as spruced up the pots at my front door.  And as much as I hate doing this, y’all gotta check back tomorrow to see the final results.  Aren’t I a stinker but I sure you all sorta love me for it…..well just a bit.  Blame my fanatic personality, lack of focus or the Easter tablescape (which is coming together!) but I promise pictures of the final project tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung…..

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