Weekend DIY: Ikea Hacked Table

Bri from the blog Me, You and a Wiener reminds me of what could have been if Andrew Dice Clay was born a woman with mad DIY skills…..

I love her foul-mouthed, wonderfully awesome DIY creations.  She is the best friend I wished I had who can upholster, sew, has a wicked cute kid and can curse a sailor under a table.  I think I want to be her….or at least bask in her awesomeness.  However, until I get the opportunity, I will settle for trying to recreate this awesome project where she took this….

And transformed it into this……


How freakin’ cool is the final product?!?!  Check out her colorful and hilarious tutorial……just be forewarned that if are easily offended by four-letter words, then this may not be the tutorial for you.  However, to get a desk that cool, I think you may want to look past the occasional f-bomb.  Now get your f*****g a*s over to the tutorial and work that s**t out!


6 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: Ikea Hacked Table

  1. I just made another friend named Courtney too! Thank you so much for this I had no idea how far my hacking skills went in Blog world. Glad I found you!!! Now you will never get rid of me! I kid. No I don’t.

    Just wait I have another hack that is going to blew this shiz out the water.

    • You are more than welcome hotstuff – all I did was turn on a few more people to your awesome self. I am waiting on the new hack cause I am sure it will make me want to slap my momma…..

  2. Ok Courtney this is my way of leaving you a comment!! Ha.. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I’m a blogger to and actually had you stop by.. which you did and left a comment. I surely appreciate it!!

    Now this me you and a weiner is the shiznit!! I love that hack!! I’m headed over to view the tuturiol now. I love Ikea Hacks Period. I have completed a few myself… if you have chance take a look..

    Here are a few links…




    Did I say I love your blog. You have a crazy sense of humor and I love it. It’s not shown on many blogs.. Oh yea I usually don’t post such long comments either…LOL!


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