Let The Sunshine In………

It’s simple.  I write this blog and every day push not only myself but the folks who visit my blog to live their life out loud.  Today is a beautiful day here in Oakland, CA…..

So I am going to heed my own advice by jumping in the car  finding a trail, path or an outdoor mall (I am never one to pass up a good sale) and enjoying this glorious day.  I strongly suggest you do the same.  Unless you are in NYC where it’s snowing….then I suggest you bundle up, stay indoors and contemplate why you don’t live in California.

Enjoy your weekend!


8 thoughts on “Let The Sunshine In………

  1. It is Beautiful in the Bay! Even though I have to work, in an office without a window, I am celebrating by wearing a bright, flow-y (I’m proclaim this a real word) dress!

    Also if you have any suggestions on great thrift stores in San Francisco, other than Thrift Town or Goodwill, I would love to hear them.

    Enjoy your adventure today!

    • In honor of your new word “flow-y” I will work on seeing if I can compile a list of thrift stores in SF. I know plenty in the East Bay however, should you ever want to make the excursion Eastward!

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