There Needs To Be A Label on Thrift Stores…..

I am convinced that thrift stores need to have a sign that reads:

“Warning! Shopping in thrift stores has been known to cause mild euphoria, increase heart rate and erratic purchasing behavior.  Not recommended for the indecisive, dirt phobic or non-imaginative.”

I figure if they can put a warning on a carton of french fries, then the government could at least remind me that going to resale, vintage and thrift shops is hazardous to my wallet.  When will I learn that sunshine, an iced latte and a thrift store always equal me spending at least an hour browsing and undoubtedly some of my hard-earned cash?  It’s almost comical at this point regarding the pattern of events.  I go run an errand, decide to treat myself to a coffee, say “It’s such a nice day, I will just walk around the corner to the thrift store…..” and BOOM, like Charlie Sheen is drawn to ladies of loose morals, I find myself elbow deep in cast-off treasures.

Today was no different…….

This piece was $95 and I instantly fell in love with the lines of the piece.  It needs to be completely upholstered and the stuffing replaced.  But just imagine this piece in a smokey grey velvet with the nailhead trim.  It would be gorgeous, delicious and divine.

The dresser is priced at $75 and again, it was the gentle curve of the piece that drew my eye.  Painted out in a metallic bronze, this piece could have a second life in a bedroom or as a sideboard in a dining room.  If you wanted to take the transformation on step further, I would get a piece of mirror cut for the top with beveled edges.  While this would probably be more expensive than the actual dresser, it would add a reflective dimension that would be great.  And oh, did I mention that the piece comes with the mirror attached?  Snap off the brackets on the back, gold leaf the frame and add some hangers and you have an impressive wall mirror for next to nothing!

If you ignore the mini-scale replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, you will notice a pair of chairs that were super comfortable, in great condition and a good buy at $44 each.  I imagine these in a striped twill – these chairs would be the “work horses” of any room they would inhabit. 

So this last piece, I am sure you all are thinking “Courtney needs to put the crack pipe down!”  But honestly, let me explain.  I imagine this piece used in a master bathroom as the bureau – add double sinks and I think this becomes a rustic and beautiful vanity.  The work bench is a SOLID piece of furniture and comes with the most expensive price of the day at $295.  However, for a vanity over 6 feet long made from solid wood, you couldn’t find a better piece.  Top it with marble, clean out the drawers and you have a show stopper of a piece that is one of a kind.

However, with all my brilliant ideas, I bought none of these!  I will however, show you tomorrow, the piece I was most excited about and the one I did purchase!   What thrift store finds have gotten your heart racing lately?  Share them in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “There Needs To Be A Label on Thrift Stores…..

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