Today I Am Guest Blogging Over At Mr. Goodwill Hunting…..

Today, I am guest blogging over at Mr. Goodwill Hunting and debuting an “upcycled” tablescape inspired by one of Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s ever so stylish outfits….

Swing by Rashon’s blog to see how I interpreted his outfit into a new tablescape using only things in my home and for under $10!

But since you are here, I figure I will share with you my Top 4 tips on how to save when setting a table:

1) Think About What You Already Have:  When I go shopping, I think about the decorations I already have when deciding what to purchase.  Groupings of similar objects, whether they be by color, shape or material create a larger impact than a single object.  Do you already have two glass candlesticks and see one on sale?  Buy it even if it doesn’t match!  It will be worth the investment when are able to pick and choose from a variety of candlesticks of vary heights to create a layered look.

2)  Borrow From Your Momma: Don’t be above using other people’s stuff to create a show stopping table.  Have you been coveting your sister’s Waterford glasses and have an important dinner coming up?  Borrow them!  No one has to know that they aren’t yours.  Just remember that when you borrow someone’s precious and undoubtedly expensive table items, you incur the risk of breakage.  So go by the rule, if you can’t afford to replace it, then you shouldn’t borrow it.

3)  It Doesn’t Have to Match: People get hung up on sets and I am here to tell you, get over it!  You don’t need to have a matching set of anything to have a dynamo table.  I tend to buy in sets of 2,3 or 6 when shopping for plates, glasses or table settings since the maximum amount of people my table holds is 6.  By shopping in these increments, I can mix and match patterns to create interesting color, pattern and texture stories which look intentional.  Second, if something breaks, it’s no biggie because I am not worried about it being a set; it’s just now an accent piece in my growing collection.

4)  Centerpieces Aren’t Central: I tend to shy away from expensive centerpieces for my table settings.  Aside from the expense, I never know what to do with it the next day so I opt often to use house plants.  Yup – house plants.  However, that doesn’t mean simply throwing your fern into the center of the table and calling it a day.  Layer in found objects from around your home and maybe one type of flower in low vases to give the centerpiece depth and interest.  Personally, I tend to have orchids around my own home so I just swap out their pots for pretty bowls or glass candle votives, add some rocks and moss – BAM instant centerpiece.

Again, thanks to Rashon for inviting me over to his blog and sharing the love. 


3 thoughts on “Today I Am Guest Blogging Over At Mr. Goodwill Hunting…..

  1. Great tips, Courtney!!! You’ve created a table-setting-monster in me!!! But I can see it’s a dangerous hobby…I don’t have the storage for all the cute table items I’m starting to acquire! Can’t wait for your Easter table!

    Off to check out your guest post!

  2. Wonderful basic tips for creating beautiful table settings. I also appreciated the breakdown for how much everything cost you in your post over at Mr. Goodwill Hunting. I often get compliments on the tablescapes I do or the displays I create for our boutique flower shop, Fly Me To The Moon Florists. But people find it hard to believe it when I tell them how little it costs.

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