Before & After: Painted Credenza

Friend and blog reader, Gina, sent me a picture of this credenza that she was contemplating purchasing from Goodwill:

The great lines, hardware and potential for oodles of storage immediately popped out to me.  I encouraged her to buy it and see if she could stain it a deep and rich color.  Unfortunately, the piece was covered in damaged veneer and couldn’t be stained.  However, with a little elbow muscle from Gina, a can of Dior Grey paint and some Brasso, she was able to transform it into this….

I love the final results!  I love it so much that I wrote the credenza this little note…..

Dear Credenza:

We haven’t known each other long but there is a powerful connection between us that you can’t deny.  I need you in my life.  So should you ever tire of your current home and want to talk some time, call me.  I can open up a bottle of wine for me and a bottle of tung oil for you and talk about how we could rule the world together baby.  I’ll be waiting…..

Yours truly,


Sometimes, my friends, you just have to put your feelings down on paper and profess your love!  Okay, while I go seek counseling for my fondness of inanimate objects, you all go and enjoy your Monday!


12 thoughts on “Before & After: Painted Credenza

  1. wow. i am in love with this piece of furniture!!! the color is awesome. i am visiting from centsational girl- saw your link and had to come see the post!

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