I Actually Like Ikea Bedding…..

No really.

I REALLY do like Ikea’s new 300-thread count bedding.  I am not sure if it is available in all their stores since I can’t find it on their website but their G-Spa sheets are sateen cotton, 300-thread count and an absolute wonder to sleep on.  The flat and fitted sheets will cost you $14 each, but for under $30, they are a steal in my opinion.  There is something completely delicious about slipping between 100% cotton sheets; their coolness and softness are the perfect embrace after a long day.  Honestly, I have had a variety of sheets on my bed, all of which that claim to be luxury and have the price tags to prove it, but these are the real deal and am happy to place my “seal of approval” on them.

They come in a limited range of colors but  I found the pewter brown set to be perfect for my needs.  They have a subtle sheen and go great with my brown headboard picking up the metallic undertones in the upholstery:

Since I was at Ikea already, I also decided to splurge and get a new duvet cover and again, I am really  happy with its quality.  You have to understand that the last time I bought Ikea bedding was when I had just graduated college and it was like sleeping on sandpaper.   So you have to understand my shock that I am really digging the bed linens at the moment.  I opted to go for the Andrea duvet which comes with two matching pillow shams – both in a brushed sateen finish. 

If you remember my posting from yesterday, I told you that the new fabrics I selected for the master bedroom pick up on the bedding.  The duvet has gold, black, grey and white stripes, which coordinates wonderfully with all the colors in the master bedroom and really pulls everything together:

Did I mention that the Andrea duvet set for a queen is only $29.99? Score one for style and frugality!

Okay – one final view of the new bedding…..

A few more things and I will be ready to kick the master bedroom redesign into full gear! 

Do you have a favorite Ikea “surprise” or other hidden gem from a big-box store?  Share them on my Facebook page or leave a comment!


10 thoughts on “I Actually Like Ikea Bedding…..

  1. These sheets look really good. How do they feel? I cant do the itchy and scratchy sheets. I am always in the bedding section in Ikea, but I have never bought sheets from Ikea. Although sleeping in my own bed rather than on my sofa or on the floor is also an issue. I guess that’s why my bed is always made.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

    • The sheets are quite soft with a beautiful sheen. I am really impressed with how they feel even after me spending a sweaty night in them. Sweaty because I was sick — now get your mind out of the gutter 🙂

  2. Your bedroom looks wonderfully soothing. I am particular about sheets, as well, but tend to look at Tuesday Morning. They have the best quality at the least price. But it takes work to keep checking back for the right ones. I got some 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton that retail for $900, but paid a mere $95. Delightful. I will look at the IKEA duvets!

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  5. I’m sure there’s thousands of people with IKEA sheets, but you seem to have the only real review. I’m having a really hard time finding sheets. Too rough, too big (deep), too expensive, too flimsy. They’re all made in Bangalore or wherever, so that’s a push. The IKEA sheets seem about perfect. Thanks.

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