Poppa Wants New Glasses…..Help Me Decide

Be forewarned that I am about to give y’all my best Zoolander impersonation.  Reason  being is that I am looking for new glasses, in particular I am currently obsessed with the notion that I need tortoise-shell glasses.  Enter my secret weapon, Warby Parker, an online eyeglass company that sells retro plastic frames for an amazing price…..$95 inclusive.  Yup, my fellow Americans (and my equally fab foreign friends) you can get a pair of stylish frames and lenses for under $100. 

The obvious question that arises when I tell me friends about Warby Parker is “Dude, how can you buy glasses online and not try them on first?”  My response is pretty simple …”I DO try them on..”.  The web site offers customers the ability to ship up to 5 frames for an at-home try-on for FREE. Yup, you get the opportunity to try on five frames in the privacy of your own home, without a sales person breathing down your back pressuring you to make a decision on the spot.  Can you say heaven on a stick?

To be upfront, I am not a newbie to Warby Parker since I ordered my current glasses from them last year.  However, I am became an instant fan of them thanks to the awesome customer service and quick response to questions/concerns.  It also helped (just a little) that their frames are the perfect amount of retro with a modern edge.  And oh, did I mention that for every frame they sell, the give a pair of glasses to a needy individual?  So you get altruism with style at a fair price…..nifty huh?

So without further interruption, here is my interpretation of my best “Blue Steel” looks (translation – me being silly in my bathroom trying on glasses)…..

To give you a baseline, here is what I look like in my current glasses, the Roosevelt frame in matte black from Warby Parker.

Current Eyeglasses

  So here are my options….

Winston Frame in Tortoise

Thatcher Frame in Whisky

Crosby Frame in Tortoise

And just to see, here is my existing frame but in the tortoise-shell color…..

Roosevelt Frame in Striped Tortoise

 So do you have any clear favorites?  I am  leaning towards the Thatcher frames but would love to hear which frames you think best suit my face.  Leave a comment on which frame you think I should order!  My face is in your hands ….figuratively, but I have never minded a good face-cup on occassion…

PS: If you noticed, I got a haircut — yup, I am rockin’ the “fauk” aka faux mohawk once again and loving every minute of it!  You can read the saga of my hair cut here….

11 thoughts on “Poppa Wants New Glasses…..Help Me Decide

  1. I agree–you rock them all. But I think #2 and the last ones are my top picks. You got skills taking such great photos of yourself!!

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