Floor Screen Love…..

So I figured, I would ease you into your week with a short post.

I love this screen:

It’s a joint venture between Better Homes & Gardens and Lightwave Laser.  It’s comes in four different patterns but the above, Swift Grille, is my favorite.  It comes in two different sizes: 3-panel or 4-panel  (74.5” high and each panel is 15.5” wide).  It comes primed or unprimed (the above picture is unprimed).  It comes with an awesome price range from $260-390, making it a viable alternative to wall art of headboards. 

It needs to go home with you.  You need to buy it.  If not for yourself, then for me because I love it.

Okay and there you go.  Short, simple and to the point. 

Happy Monday!


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