Shameless Self-Promotion: Facebook, Twitter & More….

I am taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to plug someone very special to me…..myself.  It has been six months since I launched the blog and it has opened up doors and introduced me to people across the United States.  For that I am incredibly thankful.  I love receiving your feedback and hearing from you all — your comments are a major reason I write the blog.  Each comment, email and tweet from you make me excited.  It’s a little treat at the end of the day ensuring that I am not merely tossing my thoughts into a black hole. 

As I said, I love hearing from you and you all now have several options to support, ridicule and spurn me…..

Email: If you look to the right, there is a hyperlink — just click on it.  No really…it won’t bite you.  Heck, you don’t even need to look at the right  There… all you gotta do is click on that.  Send me an email praising my wit and handsome good looks or a scathing letter on why you hate me, my blog and my abuse of  periods…….

Twitter: If y’all aint following me on Twitter, you are missing out.  It is where I put out all my favorite finds and random sightings.  Plus I am darn funny…or so as told by my third-grade teacher, Ms. Painter.  She called me “the next Theo Huxtable” …..but then she had bad eye sight, was slightly demented and could have just confused me for Malcolm Jamal Warner since I was the only black kid in school.

Facebook:  Yes, I have fully embraced my new-found celebrity and created a Facebook Page about my favorite person — me!  No but honestly, the Facebook page allows me the opportunity to go off-book, show behind the scenes stuff from photo shoots as well as all my DIY mishaps.  Plus, there will be nudity — NAKEDNESS.  Nudity of what?  Well my friends….you will have to go and find out. (In all honesty, it will probably be pictures of naked, unfinished furniture…just an FYI).

Subscribe: Did you know (I am sure you do) that you can subscribe to Courtney Out Loud and get me in your inbox?  Yup – I will be in your inbox…..just me and the 50 pieces of SPAM for generic Viagra.  Look for the “Subscribe to Life Out Loud” button in the right column.

Okay, you all have four ways to keep and communicate with me.  I suggest you do all four, but then that might be overkill, but then I am all about excess….just like my idol Malcolm Jamal Warner.  Did I ever tell you the story about how my third-grade teacher…….


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