Etsy Has Got Me Insane In The Membrane….

Hey peeps — sorry for the lack of a posting yesterday, but I had a major case of the “Grumpies” that I could not shake.  I was afraid I would pull a “Charlie Sheen” and say something I did not mean and could not take back.  Ergo, I sat my tushie on the couch, stuffed my face with chips and watched Bethenny Frankel’s reality show.  Surprisingly, watching her show made me feel SO much better about my life cause that chic (while hilarious) is 110% crazy.  It made me realize that I am merely only 85% crazy and still have opportunities to correct my mistakes!

However, one thing that does make me loopy, crazy, bitter and angst-ridden is  Surprised?  Personally, I love all the artwork but the sheer amount of it plus the site’s lackluster search capabilities makes me give up after 20-30 minutes.  But I know my lack of patience is biting me  in the butt (hmmmm…2 butt comments in the same post…interesting) as I know I am missing out on some incredible art for myself and clients.  So what is a boy to do?  I asked my new-found Etsy crush, Marnie, for her recommendations.  Marnie is a paper craft expert who runs an Etsy shop Crafterall where she turns simple planes of colored paper into fantastic topograhic artwork.  I figured if anyone would know how to navigate Etsy and highlight its gems, it would be Marnie. 

Fortunately, she didn’t disappoint!  She gave me a list of fantastic artisans who run the gamut.  Here are Marnie’s Etsy’s recommendations:

GreenPost: Kendra is a painter by trade, but also makes these amazing, plantable tags. I send her all my paper scraps and she works her alchemy to turn them into multi-functional, beautiful and Earth-friendly works.

WardOMatic: Ward Jenkins is an amazing and prolific illustrator, who has a style I adore.

CindyLindgren: Fellow Minnesotan, Cindy is a graphic designer with a flair for the Arts and Crafts style. She’s recently been branching out from cards and prints to rugs and fabric — genius! I’m particularly smitten with her Solomon’s Seal design.

PaintSquare: This duo has an aesthetic and eye for color that I find highly appealing. I will own a set of their work someday!

Elsita:  Elsa Mora is an outstanding paper cut artist who blogs regularly about her work and life, and who’s work takes my breath away.

Anything that Thom Kostura  puts in his treasuries!  Thom has an eye for creative, outside-the-box, well-crafted finds and curates them in brilliant collections. His belt buckles and cuff links are pretty sweet too.

After reading Marnie’s email I feel a little less crazed with Etsy.  Who knew that people actually put together curated lists of Etsy finds?  This is major news to me!  It’s like the heavens have opened up and gave me a glimpse into the promise land.  Now if I was Charlie Sheen, I would probably throw in a comment about prostitution and being paid $36 million a year to act in a crappy sitcom.  But like all good actors, I know when I should end a scene to get the maximum benefit.





4 thoughts on “Etsy Has Got Me Insane In The Membrane….

  1. It took me FOREVER to be able to find anything on Etsy. It can be sooo overwhelming, which is unfortunate, cause it’s a treasure trove. But, you learn the ins and outs. I promise it will get easier. The categories on the side can really help too!

  2. Ooohh!! Can’t wait to check these out–they look amazing. I’m with you, it’s frustrating with Esy because you know you are missing out some great stuff, you just don’t know how to find it! My favorite way to find good stuff is to use ‘Pounce’. This way i can see what others are buying and if I see something I like, I go and check out the sellers store. I have actually discovered some great stuff this way. But, it’s time consuming!

  3. I bought a print of the picture by Elsita. It is amazing! Thanks for putting it on your blog, otherwise I never would have found it.

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