I Struck Out But Then Hit a Home Run……..

Sometimes in the game of life, you strike out but on rare occasions you hit it out of the ball park with a home run.  Well yesterday was one of those days.  For the strike out, I received the zebra print fabric sample from Warehouse Fabrics.  I was hoping to match the remanent zebra fabric that I bought for a steal at my local fabric store.  The remanent gives me just enough fabric to cover the front of the chair I intend to upholster.  That leaves me the back that I would have to do in a contrasting fabric.  The thought of contrasting fabric isn’t bad but I was hoping  I could score with the Zebra line from Premier Fabrics.  I was wrong…….

Zebra "brothers" from another mother.....

They SO don’t match.  The slub on the linen is different and the color of the zebra stripe is off – my version is black-brown while the Premier Print version is truly brown.  Oh well – I am out $2.50 but at least I now know……back to the drawing board.

However, as I was moping about the fabric, I received a package in the mail from my Aunt in New York.  When I went back in December, I was lamenting that my jerk chicken never tasted as good as what my Aunt made or I bought in the Bronx.   She told me that the secret was this particular brand of bottled jerk sauce that I could not find out here in California.  Well, I got this in the mail…..

Aww yeah baby!  HOME RUN!  Outta the mutha freakin’ park son!  Going….going…..GONE!

I so did a happy dance in the kitchen when I realized it was the prized sauce.  This totally made  up for the fabric! 

Guess what I am making this weekend???


8 thoughts on “I Struck Out But Then Hit a Home Run……..

  1. I like the post, as always, but my moment of joy was when picturing you saying “Outta the mutha freakin’ park son!”. Ha! Courtney, you are so street.

  2. OMG Courtney…if you like jerk, you’ve gotta try “Pluto’s Caribbean Bliss” (dry rub) or “Pluto’s Authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce”!!! I was a vegetarian for five years and then I tried a turkey made with the Bliss and lost my mind. Check out the website: http://www.plutosinc.com

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