Loving Out Loud: Crafterall Handmade Works

Etsy rocks.

Where else could I have found artwork literally about rocks…..well topography to be exact.  Crafterall Handmade Works is the brainchild of artist and crater, Marnie Karger.  She lives in Shorewood, Minnesota, just west of the Twin Cities with her husband and two children where she produces amazing cut paper art like this:


The  “You Are Here” series are painstaking paper topography maps of famous US waterways and landmasses rendering in amazing trios of colors.  I was particularly smitten with the map depicting Manhattan.  I loved how it displayed all the bridges and waterways around the island of Manhattan.

Marnie’s artwork is priced at $20-$80  – a pittance in my opinion for the labor that goes into creating each piece.  Additionally, Marnie takes custom orders, so you could commission a personalized piece tailored to your colors or of a specific location/landmass.  The possibilities are really endless.  I think it is a great way to show a little “home pride” without the obvious references to a state flag.  I am seriously thinking about asking about the possibility of having one crafted for my each set of parents this year for Christmas.

If you have a second, swing by her Esty store and browse her wares.  It will totally “rock” your world (yes I REALLY had to throw that last pun in….sorry, couldn’t help it).


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