It Was Animal Magnetism……

Good morning! 

My weekend was uneventful on multiple levels.  For the life of me, I could not muster the energy to complete any of my looming house projects (hello mirror trim!).  I don’t know whether it’s fear of commitment, self sabotage or just plain lazy but nothing stained these fingers except for the day glo orange color of Cheetos.  However, I did close the deal on one item of business — my master bedroom chair.

Bought about 7 years ago from Crate and Barrel, it has served us well in our various homes.  However, as I start in earnest redecorating the master bedroom, it now looks out-of-place in the mostly tonal room (brown, black, bronze and cream).  Thanks to its green microsuede cover, it reminds me of the girl who had to wear her older sister’s dress to prom — it just doesn’t quite fit.

Well one of the few things I DID do this weekend was make a trek out to my local discount fabric store to see if I could find a deal on drapery fabric (epic fail!).  What I did find was a great remanent piece of fabric for $1.50.  I don’t know if it was the artificial goodness of cheese pumping through my veins but the fabric struck me as the perfect pattern for the chair. 

I think it gives the chair a needed kick in the rear and makes a really bold statement thanks to the print.  I also like that since it’s the first piece of furniture that you see when you walk up into the bedroom loft, it totally sets the tone & mood for the room.  Finally, it was a print that I found to be masculine without resorting to plaids and checks. 

But here is the issue, I only found about 3/4 of a yard at the store – barely enough to do the seat and the front.  The back would need to be done in a different fabric – potentially a burlap.  However, I am hoping that just maybe, that this fabric my be the answer to my problem….

This print from Premier Prints’s Zebra collection (Java on Linen), if not a perfect match, is pretty darn close and at $11.99 a yard, I can actually purchase enough to easily cover the chair, saving the remanent piece I bought for another project.

So what do you think?  I know the animal prints are pretty much a mainstay in design, but are you drawn to the call of the wild?  Does a leopard print make your heart race?  Do you do a little dance each time you see a zebra stripe?  I can say that when I look at the fabric, just a small portion of me wants to do a Tarzan yell and thump my chest.  While not my normal reaction to fabric, I think this may be telling me it’s a keeper.

7 thoughts on “It Was Animal Magnetism……

  1. Love the animal print. I have a few bits of it here and there. I am much more fond of the zebra than the leopard, and yes, the zebra makes me do a little dance.

    I think the fabric is perfect for the chair. I would be tempted to do a very fine pinstripe in the exact colors for the back.

  2. Love the remnant fabric.. and even though it looks almost identical, I don’t love the Premier prints version. A fine pinstripe or maybe a microdot in the same colors would be really beautiful. Are you planning on doing a bold, contrasting accent color in the room? That would be a perfect place for it.

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