Happy Presidents Day

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind.  Friday, I visited my client who I am assisting with redecorating her master bedroom.  The meeting went very well and we made good headway on making fabric, paint and furniture selections.  Saturday, I spent racing to purchase fabric, cooking dinner for a friend who recently had a baby and event coordinating a 50th birthday celebration in San Francisco.  Oh yeah – on the side, I do small catering and event planning gigs to keep my feet wet with catering.  Plus it’s an excellent way to introduce my design work to new prospective clients.  Unfortunately the house where the party was held is flawless – perfectly modern and sexy with a killer view of San Francisco. It is a dream house and the catering client was a dream too! 

Sunday was a bit of a bust since I had to clean, prepare for the week and do all the errands I should have done last week but was too busy planning stuff for other people.  Fortunately, The Partner was fantastic and cooked dinner last night, which I am going to profile tomorrow because he used a new kitchen toy that my dear friend Larry bought me for my birthday.  So excited that we got to use it last night!!!

Okay, I seriously need to get my rear moving….I have furniture to look at, swatches to return, DIY projects just piling up and some homework for school this week that I am positive will be a bit of a bear. And oh yeah, I almost forgot……..

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