Weekend DIY: Chevron Curtains

I frequently imagine what haiku I would write if  assigned the task of describing how I feel about chevron.  After much internal debate, I think this sums up my feelings on chevron:

Pattern of delight

Oh, how I love thy design

You make me happy

Hey – I NEVER said I was a talented poet, but am a lover of pattern.  Speaking of pattern, I am lusting after more chevron in my life and am happy that I ran across these DIY chevron curtains by Kristen Davis. If you are not reading KFD Designs blog, then you are a day late and a dollar sort.  KFD Designs stands for the initials of the decorative painter, Kristen, behind the blog:

She is a one bad a#$ Momma who can make a paint brush bow to her every whim.  How else would you explain how she took simple white curtains and got paint to do this…..

Check out her straight-forward simple tutorial on how you can make your own DIY chevron curtains.  I am thinking that may I try this treatment for a shower curtain for the guest bath.  Okay, off to hunt shower curtains and metallic paint!  Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: Chevron Curtains

  1. Ok – first- how in the world am I just now finding your blog?! It’s like… ummmm…. where have you been all my life 🙂 I’m so glad I clicked over here from Hi Sugarplum! Your blog is great, and I just added it to my daily reading list. – Second – love Kristen – apparently her paint brush is like a magic wand or something! Her chevron drapes are beautiful, and she makes it look so easy! A shower curtain would be so fun!

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