Nursery Art On the Cheap …..

The nursery project for my clients is winding down thankfully.  Well it kind of has to since the baby is coming on Friday (thanks to the miracle known as a the “c-section” you can now plan the exact time of your child’s birth).  In any case, the budget is tapped out and I am left with some bare walls to fill.  Fortunately, I can always count of Ikea for some DIY design inspiration.  After wandering around the store like a lost soul for about 15 minutes, I happened upon the fabric/textile section and set my eyes upon a bolt of fabric called Annamoa.  I had never paid attention of this fabric nor had the idea of a fabric art wall treatment come to mind.  However, seeing the fun and colorful designs on the fabric combined with the fact that it was only $7.99 a yard, I was smitten.

From that one yard of fabric, I now have enough art to fill the remainder of my walls thanks to some cheap $2 frames and of course, my friend (and yours too I am sure) white spray paint.  Take a look at the adorable images I will be framing this weekend….

I think the images are perfect for a nursery.  Actually I am quite smitten with this image in particular:

I don’t know why, but the fact that the squirrel is holding what appears to be a cheese knife makes me laugh out loud.  Okay, I have to start cracking on these finishing touches.  I have today and Friday to finish the dresser, hang art and put the final touches on the room before Mommy, Daddy & the new baby come back to the house.


8 thoughts on “Nursery Art On the Cheap …..

    • Nicole – it literally was fate. It just happened to be lying on the cutting table. I took it as a sign that it was destined to be mine! And Ikea is my weakness — $2 hot dog meal, $4.99 house plants and some $7.99 fabric, I am a happy boy!

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