The ABC’s of Good Design…..

I love this quote “Happy are the parents of a smiling baby.”  When I read it, it was destined for inclusion in the nursery I am designing for a client.  And it had the added bonus of not needing to buy a second bag of letters to complete it, unlike some of he other quotes that were in the running.   Rather than paint the quote on canvas (and expose my sub-par painting skills), I have this idea of reusing some frames that I have lying around the house, a $5 bag of magnetic letters and some spray paint (of course!)  for a quick & cheap art wall since the budget is pretty much tapped.  I think this will be a really cute and simple DIY art project, but then I always begin all my projects with that exact phrase.   I will let you know if my little experiment works or not. If you need to find me, I will in my garage trying not to cover everything I own in a fine mist of Heirloom White spray paint…….


One thought on “The ABC’s of Good Design…..

  1. Although slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a basic list of what makes good design (I got really excited about a short list of DO THIS), I think your idea is adorable. Not cutesy, but just good old cute. I like it so much that I already started thinking of ways to rip it off (like doing this and spray painting the letters) and then I realized I am done having babies.

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