A Belated Birthday Gift…..

Saturday was my birthday. It was uneventful.  I spent it trying to style a photo shoot to expand my portfolio and running errands for the baby nursery I am putting together for a client.  I spent Sunday losing a bit of my sanity trying to install a blackout roller shade (Home Depot shades suck FYI), losing my *$#@ in the Ikea Returns department and priming a chest of drawers to be painted sunny yellow.

I am officially tired, so as a belated birthday gift to myself I am taking today off.  No design projects.  No errand running.  No contract gig.   Just me, The Partner and potentially lunch at a nice pizzeria.  I might be wild and have a glass of wine with lunch.  Yup, I am really going to enjoy ushering in my 29th birthday for the 6th time. albeit a tad late.

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3 thoughts on “A Belated Birthday Gift…..

  1. Oh shoot, I’m sorry I’m tardy for the party !!! Especially since I’ve adopted you and all 😉 Maris and I would have made you a zebra/polka-dotted cake, too if I had known! I hope you had a wonderfully lovely day!!

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