Weekend DIY: Embellished Picture Frames

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt comfortable with them?  That is how I feel about Cassie, the DIY Diva behind the blog Hi Sugarplum! 

We have never met in person, but I look forward to her comments on the blog and the occasional email where we rant about crafting disasters and our love of popcorn made on a stove top.  Seriously, she is the DBFF (DIY Best Friend Forever) that I seriously crave in my life.  In my over active imagination, I see Cassie and myself  setting up a “play date” where we would have Mexican food, drink a margarita (or two),  lament about finding the balance between work, life and blogging and then browse a few resale shops for inspiration for our next DIY projects.  Along the way, I would compliment her cute outfit, she would tell me I have great shoes, we would laugh and eat frozen yogurt ……

Okay, as I bask in my pretend social life, you all should definitely check out Cassie’s sinfully easy and stylish embellished picture frame project.  She took these simple materials……..

And end up with this……..

You are gonna slap yourself when you look at her tutorial and see how she did it!  As you all scurry out to Ikea to fill up on Ribba frames, I am going to try to enjoy the reality that today I am a year older and in a new age demographic.  In any case, have a GREAT weekend!


One thought on “Weekend DIY: Embellished Picture Frames

  1. I was off the computer all weekend and just saw this!!! You sweet patootie!! I feel the same way…and I think we’d also be setting tables, just for fun…for meals I’d insist you cook me! I agree we’d be grand friend in-real-life…and probably the annoying kind that were always together and never shutting up!

    Thanks for the feature…I’ll link it up tomorrow.

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