Pantry Reveal

The Partner finally came back from his vacation in Puerto Rico and while I am quite happy he is home safe and sound, I am secretly relieved that he brought back the “good camera” in one piece.  Now armed with a camera that would not give you all the illusion that I have painted my kitchen lilac……


My pantry.......for some reason, the walls are coming out lilac (which they are not)


I still don’t understand why my old point-n-shoot makes my kitchen look like a room in Prince’s house.  In any case, here is the freshly painted pantry….

The color I finally selected was Plumage from the Martha Stewart paint collection at Home Depot.  I tried several different paint colors but none of them quite hit the balance of intense color without being “bright”.  I was quite pleased with the color but have to admit that the paint was a tad thin in my opinion.  Has anyone else had this issue?

After painting the back of the shelves and letting them dry overnight, I had fun rearranging all my glassware back on the shelves along with some other treasures I  had kept hidden in my cabinets.

The white and blue opaline glassware is my favorite.  I am addicted to eBay because of these pieces, but they are so expensive when they come up.  Fortunately, the pieces I have acquired were amazing deals.  If anyone knows of an online dealer who has four more of the sherry glasses, let me know!

Okay, one more shot before we leave…..

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am amazed by what a little paint can do……


6 thoughts on “Pantry Reveal

  1. Looks lovely and so organized. And, I adore your opaline glasswear. Beauty. I find the Martha Stewart paint to require too many coats. I have fallen for the quality and texture of the Ralph Lauren paint, and have been using that with great success.

  2. Cassie – yes it is great when you add wild black rice and stuff it into peppers with chorizo. The Rice-a-Roni turns into almost a thickening agent while the black rice is what gives it real “rice texture.” I also use Rice-a-Roni when I am making “quik risotto cakes” — well they aren’t risotto but it is a shortcut that gives you a really flavorful side dish that is pretty good. I will share the recipe soon. And I am professionally trained, not a snob. I love me some McDonald’s fries 🙂

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