And This Is Why I Should Always Eat Breakfast……

This morning I had a plan:

1) Work on some emails for the marketing gig I am currently contracted out to do.

2) Create a design/inspiration board for a client’s master bedroom

3) Stop by the fabric store to source some textiles for her nursery

4) Clean the house

5) Bask in the glow of my productive day

I finished Task #1 only to be told that information I thought wasn’t available was actually readily being disseminated — just not to me.  Ergo, I had to redo the marketing collateral previously did but now on my “time” since I can’t bill for those hours.  Because of this snafu, I skipped Task #2 and now honestly am clueless on when I will squeeze it in, but as they say sleep is for the well-rested.  However, I did complete Task #3 & make it to the fabric store, so score +1 for me!  Well I found out that the white indoor/outdoor fabric I wanted to use was actually 3 times the price I wanted to spend so I am  now opting for white denim – not my first choice, hence minus 1 for me.

I was officially back at zero, the day was half over and I had not eaten breakfast. It was lunch time and my stomach was growling.  I was officially a hungry grump – not a pretty combo.  So I headed to the little coffee joint around the corner from the fabric store for a quick bite.  This café also happens to be quite close to one of my favorite second-hand stores in the area, Urban Ore.  I don’t know if it was the head rush from being nourished or the caffeine from the large coffee I was nursing, but I skipped my little tail over to Urban Ore for a lookie.

I really shouldn’t have.  Seriously.  I need to quit going to resale shops simply to “look”.  I get into trouble.  It’s like Lindsay Lohan going to a bar to “hang out”.  It always ends badly for everyone.  Today was no different. Several items jumped out at me as having potential and I put the following items on hold:


At $100, the chair is the most expensive thing I found.  I had several ideas for this chair including (a) spray painting it a light blue and recovering it in a burnout velvet trellis fabric, (b) spray painting it high gloss turquoise and covering it in a red & white fabric or (c) spray painting it misty green and doing a floral pattern on it.

I loved the shape and base of this table.  The piece is a bit Frankenstein in its approach but it spoke to me.  It also spoke to my wallet at only $20.  I was thinking of taking it to the auto body shop and having it sprayed a high gloss white.  I don’t know but the clover shaped top just screams white to me…..

This is one of two they have in the store.  The set is solid wood albeit one of the drawers is falling apart and will need to be rebuilt.  However at $40 each, they are a good buy even with the minor repair work needed.  Again, I gotta turn to my friend Mr. Spray Paint one more time because I see these Dove Grey or maybe greige.  The hardware and the shape  of the drawer fronts really excite me.

But here is the kicker – I don’t need ANY of these nor do any of the client rooms I am currently working on decorating.  So I would be spending at least $200 to acquire said objects and at least $200 more updating them.  At the sunk cost of $400, the question begging to be asked is, could I recoup my costs by selling them via Etsy or on eBay?  However, the biggest question of all is, would I want to part with any of these treasures once I finished working on them?


8 thoughts on “And This Is Why I Should Always Eat Breakfast……

    • Shannon – seems like the table is getting alot of love. I just may have a new client who is working on limited budget (aka free stuff we find along the side of the road) and this may be perfect for them. However, if I could ship furniture cheaply, I would send this bad boy to you to work your artist mojo

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  2. Buy both the table and the two side tables. Stop the madness and go all in with it. If you dont have the space, do like Martha Stewart and build a house for your stuff to go in. LOL

    If I found this stuff I’d be in hog heaven.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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