It’s A State of Emergency! Well At Least To Me…..

We all take shortcuts in life.  If we did everything the hard way, we would have reinvented the wheel 47 trillion times and still be forced to make popcorn on the stove top (which I prefer FYI).  So when I went to Ikea this past weekend and they informed me that their Merete Curtains in Bleached (aka white) were indefinitely out of stock in all of California, I sorta lost it. 

Out of Stock?!? WHAT THE .......

At only $19.99 the Merete is my “go to drapery” when designing a room on a budget.   Simple lines, heavy canvas cloth and truly white in color, they are an excellent value for the price.  I speak from experience since I used them in my own house for the music room make over.  With very little effort and even less cash, you can jazz these babies up!  I was looking to use them in the baby nursery that I am doing for a client.  I envisioned them trimmed out with double strands of pompom fringe in turquoise and red.  It was going to be big impact for less than $50 including materials and labor.  Now I have to go with the more expensive option from West Elm …. which is all good, but it still peeves me off ever so slightly.

Honestly Ikea, you can keep the nation fueled on cinnamon buns and cheap hot dogs but keeping a basic item such as curtains in stock in ANY of your stores is an issue?  SHAME ON YOU IKEA….SHAME ON YOU!

(But secretly, you know I still love you Ikea.  I will see you on Friday.  Meet me by the concession stand.  I will be the one with the hot dog and West Elm bags.)

9 thoughts on “It’s A State of Emergency! Well At Least To Me…..

  1. I like this post, Courtney. And I am sorry that you didn’t find what you wanted at Ikea. Your are right, though. This doesn’t deserve a breakup. If Ikea had said they were never getting them in, or that you should try them in cream, now that would be worth of a breakup.

  2. Courtney, your clients will kiss your feet if you consider a black-out liner for the baby’s room– especially with the white curtains. It can dramatically help train baby to understand that dark + crib = nap/sleep time. Dang that Ikea is out of those cute drapes. Overstock has some white blackout curtains- maybe for less than west elm? xo

  3. I got a different set of white panels from Ikea for sloan’s room. They have tab tops, but you could snip them off then use curtain rings with clips to hang them? (i’m not a fan of the tab) I’m putting a pelmet box over the rod so it won’t show anyway

    and the darkening is key!! I actually just hung a $20 pull down darkening shade in her window…not playing around with sleepy time over here!!

    can’t wait to see the nursery! oh, and i heart popcorn on the stove with real butter and sea salt…yuuuummmmm

  4. Ahh, just had the same thing happen to me!! Have you since been able to find them. No luck at my Ikeas (in WA state). I am wondering if they are discountinued?

    • Carli – they were in briefly when I was there two weeks ago, but I LITERALLY was walking over to get them and this dude about them ALL. I sorta chocked up seeing all my “babies” being bought.

  5. same thing happened to me when i was trying to make the chevron curtains! annoying! it was in october or november, and they informed me they wounld’t be in until january. apparently they have a hard time keeping them in stock? lame.

    • Lame with a capital “L” — I went yesterday and they had them in stock, so I bought 6 sets to be on the safe side. I feel like I’m on the show Horders now that I have 6 sets of curtains waiting to be used 🙂

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