Weekend DIY: Trellis Lampshade

Honestly….she is pretty, talented, has an adorable baby girl and gets to live in exotic locations. Come on now, some people have all the luck. For Caitlin Wilson, this is her life and she chronicles it on her blog Caitlin Wilson Design: Style Files….

Her design style is light, cheery and perfectly aspirational.  It’s the look that your best friend has in her home…you know the one…she’s pretty, successful, handsome husband and adorable kids…..yeah, sorta like Caitlin.  Hmmm.  Makes me wonder if all those other women have been using Caitlin’s design expertise?  As I ponder this question, take a look at Caitlin’s tutorial on how she created this tres chic lampshade:


Isn’t it too adorable?  Perfect for just about any room in the house I think.  And it just may be perfect for jazzing up a Jonathan Adler look-a-like I picked up at TJ Maxx for the nursery I am working on.

Off to grab glue and ribbon! 

Have a geat weekend……..


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