The Call of the Ikat…..

The master bedroom I am working on is coming along with a beautiful upholstered headboard in linen, a coordinating chair and limed wood side tables. I am now on the hunt for a fabric to off-set the fairly monochromatic color palette. In a design like that gets most of its “oomph” from texture rather than color, the use of a pattern to give the eye a rest I think is essential. It is in times like this, that I turn to ikat.

I know that ikat has been used extensively in design as of late….but that is why it is a classic pattern. It’s been around a couple of thousand years, so I think it is pretty safe to assume it won’t be going anywhere in the next 5-10 years. I am not sure which of these (or any I will use) but at the moment, the visual interest that a beautiful ikat print can add to a room is luring me in……


Source: Calico Corner


Source: Lewis & Sharon Textile Co.


Source: Ballard Design


Source: Lewis & Sharon Textile Co.


Source: Calico Corner


I am partial to the ikat print from Ballard Design.  Wouldn’t that look amazing as a set of drapes and an adorable bolster pillow for the bed?  As you can see, I am beyond excited over this room and can’t wait to officially start purchasing pieces!  However, on a sad note, I am a bit jealous that  I  will not be the one sleeping in it every night.  Do other designers feel this way when putting together a room for a client?  Inqiring minds want to know……


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