Painting the Pantry…..

I have this overwhelming urge to paint. There is something intoxicating about the immediate gratification that comes with adding color to your home. But then it could just be the fact that I don’t use low VOC paint so I could be jonsing for a contact high from the fumes. In either case, with The Partner in Puerto Rico until Tuesday, I have the house to myself this weekend to implement a little design upgrade.

My victim of choice? My wonderful, albeit it boring, pantry……


My pantry.......for some reason, the walls are coming out lilac (which they are not)


A caveat about the above picture.  My kitchen walls are not lilac.  However, The Partner took the “good camera” to Puerto Rico and left me to my own devices — aka my iPhone and crappy digital point-n-shoot.  So before you start questioning why I have a purple kitchen, I don’t and please point your blame towards The Partner.


It’s basically a big white rectangle of solitude and storage. The part that is visible to the kitchen holds glassware, crystal, bowls & dishes as well as some small kitchen appliances. As it stands, it is functional and has served me well for two years. However, I think that a splash of color along the back of the built-ins will liven up the kitchen as a whole and really make the pieces on the shelves pop.

I am pretty much set on using some variation of the color teal on the back of the shelves, but have not decided on the right hue.  The contenders are:

Dutch Boy Ideal Teal


Pratt and Lambert Beau Geste


Glidden Totally Teal


I am currently leaning towards Glidden Totally Teal, but Dutch Boy’s Ideal Teal is also quite nice but is considerably darker.  I will find out tomorrow when I get samples of all three to try out on the walls.  Decisions….decisions….decisions.

Leave a comment about your favorite teal among the three…….

Hmmmm….I wonder what The Partner will say when he gets back all tanned and relaxed from Puerto Rico? 

Oh that is right…… I don’t care because he got to go to a warm tropical location where rum is free flowing and the weather is warm.  He got a tan, beach and fruity drinks while I got a contact high from paint fumes.  Seems about right…..


9 thoughts on “Painting the Pantry…..

  1. I actually prefer the middle one. It is probably my favorite color ever, like an ultramarine. I don’t think you can go wrong. Maybe you should pick the one that best compliments your purple kitchen. ; )

  2. I like all three colors. And as for the camera, I have no idea why your point and shoot would show that shade of lilac, since the walls are white. Odd…that said, I will be back in just a couple of days and you can have the nice camera back. I may be tan, but I also have a bee sting and too many mosquito bites to count…Miss you!

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