Daydreaming About Headboards…..

I dreamed of upholstered nailhead trimmed headboards last night.  It was all very Fantastia (the movie not the American Idol singer) and a bit weird.  Before you think I have been hitting the bottle before going to bed, let me explain…..I met with my second design client yesterday at her adorable house in Pleasanton, CA.  She works with The Partner at the hospital and somehow between saving lives, they started discussing my blog and it came up that I was looking to build out a design portfolio and she was looking to upgrade her master bedroom.  So the Fates brought us together and we had a really delightful three-hour initial conversation where we outlined the project, her vision and the process of how we were going to achieve that goal.  One thing the client is set on is having an upholstered nailhead trimmed headboard to anchor her bedroom.

Well she had me at nailhead since it’s common knowledge that I love me some studded furniture and nailhead trim.  After doing a quick bit of research, it appears that everyone else and their Momma loves the combination of upholstered headboards and nailhead trim.  Here is what I have found so far……

Ballard Design


William Sonoma Sutton Bed


West Elm


Restoration Hardware Warner Bed


Pottery Barn - Raleigh Camelback


Nate Berkus -


Macys - Berkley Bed


Hutton Wilkinson Nailhead Trim -


Arc Notched - (CSN Store)


Ethan Allen - Isabel


Crate & Barrel - Colette Bed


Carleton Varney-


I need to confirm with the client if she wants upholstered rails and a footboard because if so, I can easily knock off half of the options.  At the moment, I am leaning towards the Restoration Hardware piece, but am afraid it may be a bit too imposing for the space. 

I am curious to know, which beds do you like?


3 thoughts on “Daydreaming About Headboards…..

  1. I have also been dreaming about purchasing a headboard like this for my bedroom… they are BEAUTIFUL. I especially love the Pottery Barn one you posted, but I would need new bedding to go with it… life is so hard isn’t it!

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