Evidently I Ooze Style…..

Well according to Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum! I do at least because she awarded me the coveted “Stylish Blogger Award” along with 14 other blogs that she loves.  Go figure, someone actually likes me…..makes me all gooey and warm on the inside, but then that could just be the nasal decongestants I am on, but in either case, I will take it…..

As part of “winning” this award, there are stipulations.  As a recipient I must do the following:

1) Link back to the person(s) who awarded me

2) Share 7 things about myself

3) Award 15 great bloggers, and notify them

Well the first 2 are pretty easy but the last is quite difficult in my opinion because I think all the bloggers I read deserve an award.  I am a firm believer that if you put yourself out there every day about design, then you are stylish.  If you draw inspiration and then send it out to others, then you are stylish.  If you act on your design urges and create something you love, then you are stylish.  But I guess giving the award to everyone would defeat the purpose, so in no particular order, these are the bloggers that consistently rock my world, butter my toast and make me squeal with delight:

Effortless Style

Inspired by Charm

Living Livelier

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


 Shannon Berrey

Emily A. Clark

Bryn Alexandra

K.F.D. Designs


Between Naps on the Porch

BluLabel Bungalow

 Focal Point

 Isabella & Max Rooms


As for the 7 things about myself….hmmmm.  I am not that interesting but here I go:

1) My name “Courtney” was chosen because the name my Mother wanted to give me “Jaimelee” was fortunately taken by a baby girl born on the same day as me.  I think I lucked out in this name scenario.

2) Speaking birthdays, I share my birthday (January 29) with Oprah Winfrey.  You hear that O – we should be best friends since we share a birthday.  I am patiently waiting for you to realize this and give me my own show on OWN as an “I’m sorry…”

3) In my graduating class at Stanford, we had Danny Pintauro & Fred Savage.  Tiger Woods would have graduated with my class if he had not been busy being a golf god and digging himself out under from the buckets of money Nike was busy throwing at him.   Emphasis on the term “was”.  I soothe my ego knowing I possess three degrees from a top rate institution.  Who needs a billion dollars when you can be $17K in college loan debt?

4) I did a summer internship with the Log Cabin Republicans.  It was one of the best summer internships I have ever had to date.

5) I did a summer internship with CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather.  It was one of the worst summer interships I have ever had to date.  What’s the frequency Kenneth….?

6) I have officially stoppped aging.  Rather than have birthdays I celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday.  It was a good year and that is why I choose to continue celebrating it.

7) I once stalked fashion designer Anna Sui at a party in San Francisco only to be asked by security to leave.  Really is it so bad to follow famous people around a party, point, giggle and then pretend not to speak English when they confront you?

Thanks again to Cassie for nominating me.  It’s nice to know that in the 6 months I have been blogging, people actually like what I am doing and read it.  I plan on keeping it interesting….and also stylish!  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 



6 thoughts on “Evidently I Ooze Style…..

  1. Thanks so much for passing on this award to me. Yours might be the most interesting 7 things I’ve read to date. I especially loved #7. Too funny 🙂 You have lived a very interesting life, I would say. . .

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