Calling This Project Done…..

This isn’t terribly interesting.  On the scale of exciting, this may be only exciting to me and my Grandma. Why would my Grammy be excited over this?  To be honest, she would probably find this boring too, but she’s quite supportive of her oldest grandchild.  So in any case, I am quite happy to call this project done……

After debating whether to place this painting in an Ikea Ribba frame, I am glad I listened to my wise readers and took the plunge.  I think the painting looks fantastic in the Ribba frame.  The frame’s simple lines and walnut coloring compliment the picture perfectly.  I could have paid ten times more for a fancy frame and mat but for $9.99, this frame was the perfect choice.  As The Partner said, “….that frame lets the painting speak rather than yell to be noticed”.

The simple act of placing the picture in the frame and hanging it has made me immensely happy.  I love lying in bed and looking at that picture.  I love that I was able to  get feedback from y’all reading the blog.  I love that y’all were so honest with your opinion. But what I love most is that this simple project is done.

I can officially say that I have successfully moved an item from my “To Finish” list to my “Done” list.  Well not really since I don’t actually keep a list of all my finished projects.  That just seems silly when you think about it, but for the sake of the story, let’s just say I keep one……..

But before you leave, a departing shot using my favorite free iPhone application, Instagram…..

Now on to my next project…..I have this zany idea that I want to “bedazzle” an Ikea Expedit bookcase with nail head trim.  Oh the possibilities………


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