Drink Recipe: Orange-Cardamom Manhattan

This weekend, The Partner and I  threw a little shindig to celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I am not necessarily fond of the fact that I am aging so birthdays are a bit depressing.  A few years ago when I was turning 30 and could not handle the reality that I was no longer in my 20s, I opted to have an “anniversary party” rather than a birthday party.  I decided that rather than celebrate turning 30, I would celebrate the anniversary of turning 29.  While this weekend was not my birthday, it proved the perfect weekend to have a party since The Partner’s cousin was in town from New Jersey and our dear friend “JC” was on break from Harvard.

We planned a quick and easy menu, stocked up on liquor and invited a bunch of friends over for what turned out to be a great evening.  One of the things I tend to like to do is create one to two signature drinks for the evening when throwing an event.  It provides an easy way to keep your liquor costs in check, relieves the host (aka me) from playing bartender and gets your guests involved.  For this party, “JC” helped us create a signature drink based on his love of old-fashion libations.  After playing around with what we had in our pantry and bar, we created a signature drink using an orange-cardamom infused simple syrup that we called “The Harvard” – a twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail.


Here is the drink recipe…….

And I wouldn’t leave you hanging.  Here is the recipe for the orange-cardamom syrup…..

Before you think that the party was a swinging event that ran into the wee hours…..this is what transpired at the end of the night….

Yes, we had our own chamber music ensemble at my party....

Only at one of my parties do two violinists show up and we end the night playing Mozart.  Yup, that is how I roll…….


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