Weekend DIY: No-Sew Greek Key Napkins

For this week’s Weekend DIY, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite daily reads:

Camila is the fantastic mastermind and designer behind the blog Effortless Style.  I love how Camila is not afraid to mix high-end materials only available to designers with pieces you can find at stores in the mall like JC Penney and Pier One.  In the end, she always creates rooms that are stylish, comfortable and make the client look as if they possess effortless style (sorry couldn’t resist the plug).

This weekend, I encourage you to take a look at her DIY tutorial where she takes these supplies:


Source: Efffortless Style Blog

And creates these adorable no-sew Greek Key napkins:

Source: Effortless Style Blog


I love the color combo and how easy this project is!  You can use the same concept to decorate pillows, comforters and curtains.  You can find directions and additional pictures for the tutorial here.  See all the Weekend DIY tutorials here.

Have a great weekend!



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