Learning the Language of Flowers…..

Around a year ago I bought what I would consider to be my first houseplant purely by mistake.  I initially bought 4 inch ferns for the terrarium project I dreamed up to decorate the living room.  The ferns were too big for the terrarium but perfect for two pots we happened to have in the garage.  Thus began my horticulture career…..

Since that time, I have nurtured several plants and flowers including this beautiful orchid currently residing on the living room console:

My $6.99 orchid from Home Depot is thriving....

I have since cast my net wider and tried my hand at pulling together simple flower arrangements for tablescapes I have put together.  However, my arrangements lack the sophisticated conversation that occurs between the florist, the flowers and the user.  I call this dialogue the “language of flowers” because in the capable hands of a great florist, flowers can tell a story.  As humans, we use flowers to convey sentiments ranging from joy to grief and humility to love – on many occasions, flowers “speak” the words/thoughts we can’t articulate.

So when the ladies at Studio Choo put out an announcement that they were looking for an intern in December, I jumped at the chance and fired off an email to them about why I wanted to join their team.  I mean come on now — the Studio Choo ladies (Jill & Alethea) are producing some of the most rockin’ arrangements in San Francisco at the moment.  Walk into the restaurant Defina and you will see their work.  If you read Design*Sponge, you have probably stared at their creations since they write a column for the blog.  And let us not forget that Sunset Magazine has a thing for these floral divas. But if this isn’t enough to sway you, then look at some of their work….

Photo Source: Studio Choo

Isn’t their work just simply awesome? Now do you understand why I want to be their intern?

Well as of Tuesday, I am one step closer to that goal.  I had the opportunity to meet Jill & Alethea in the shop to discuss a little more about why I thought I would be a good fit for them as an intern.  It was a really delightful conversation and the shop is adorable – tiny but adorable.  What struck me most about this dynamic duo is that they LOVE what they do.  They have worked their way up the food chain starting out working in a family member’s garage to their current store front.  They have endured no heat, no hot water, early mornings and sleepless nights to grow the business but each of them said in the end that they love the business and surprisingly each other since they consider each other best friends.

So to recap, interning at Studio Choo would mean (1)hands-on learning the biz from two rockin’ ladies who are (2) passionate about the floral business, (3) produce some stellar arrangements and (4) are pretty cool to boot.  And what sealed the deal for me was that they (on occasion) enjoy wine with lunch…….

Okay, I just confirmed my design crush on Studio Choo.  I should know by next week if I made the next round of interviews.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Learning the Language of Flowers…..

  1. Holy Cow, that would be an awesome job!!! I have loved so many of their arrangements {online, not in person :(} Getting to learn from the best would be such a fantastic experience. Not to mention that we would get lots of great ‘behind the scenes’ from you! fingers crossed!

  2. Oh. my. goodness! I like flowers, but I’ve never just LOVED flowers. But I LOVE those arrangements! Succulents with roses? Who’da thunk it? Succulents on a wreath? THAT is festive to me. Apparently, I have a crush on succulents. To me, they say “beautiful, but tough, not froufy; organic comeliness with architectural precision.” Good luck with the internship! Sounds like great fun!

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