Design Dilemma: Framing Art

Sorry for missing yesterday’s posting.  I have been battling a horrible cold for the last week and yesterday it got the best of me: night sweats, fever, chills and general fatigue……I love y’all but i loved my bed more yesterday!  Today, I am feeling much better physically but am mentally fatigued by my current design dilemma.

I received three wonderful pieces of art for Christmas and am currently in the process of deciding what the best way to frame them.  Fortunately, this piece is quite easy to decide:

Reproduction of painting by Lin Yu

It is painted on canvas and simply needs to be stretched onto a frame in order to be hung.  It is on my “Project Finish List” with my aim being to stretch and hang it by the end of this month.  I am not sure if you are the same as me, but I tend to have several projects going at once, so I have three different lists that I keep:

Inspiration List: A list of projects that I want to do.  They are either “pie-in-the-sky” projects like putting barn board on the ceiling of my living room or DIY projects I have not quite figured out how to accomplish with my limited skill set such as how to install outdoor lighting on our patio.

To Do List: A list of projects that I have figured out how to do as well as gotten materials to start.  These include my art wall installation, Valentine & Easter tablescapes and painting an accent wall in the kitchen.

To Finish List: This is where I get into trouble because items tend to get stuck on this limbo list from hell for various reasons.  For example, our guest bathroom is currently stuck in design purgatory because I do not like the artwork above the toilet and need to decide on a paint color for the new mirror frame.   Other”to finish”  projects include leveling out the patio, finishing up a living wall for the garden and everything involving the master bedroom.

Okay that was one of my longer and more involved sidebars……….I apologize if I lost you along the way.

I am trying hard not to let hanging my new art work get lost on the “to finish list”.  As I said, one piece already is decided but I have this second piece of art to figure out:

Awesome "sewn" painting by Clare Elsaesser

This piece is something that I love immensely.  I have the perfect spot to hang it.  Yet this is where my design dilemma lies… it wrong to hang a piece of fine art in this:

Ikea Ribba Frame in Walnut

Albeit the art piece wasn’t overly expensive, I still feel a bit bad placing it in a $9.99 Ikea frame.  To add to the confusion, the piece actually looks quite rockin’ in the Ribba frame in the context of where I want to hang it.  So am I being a “snob” for not wanting to place my precious and unique Christmas present into such a run of the mill frame?  Should the cost of the frame reflect the cost of the artwork?

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Design Dilemma: Framing Art

  1. I think it should hang where and how it looks best. Sometimes the best design comes when putting aside what should be, and taking a risk. Best of luck! And you will be the only one who knows the brand and cost of that frame. Sometimes a fabulous frame can raise the perception of a piece of art, but I bet that works in reverse, too. A fabulous piece of art can raise the perception of a simple frame.

    • Thank you Sarah for those wise words. Sometimes I get swept in concepts that don’t relate to the big picture. In the end, if it looks good, then it looks good regardless of where it came from!

  2. I almost bought an actual print at Ikea the other day. But then I thought about Matisse rolling in his grave. But I think using the frame is ok. BTW, I love, love, love the crying Chinese girl. But then again, I have a fetish for misery and pain, so take that with a grain of salt.

  3. Ditto to what Sarah said! Nobody [except your thousands of blog followers ;)] is going to know the price of the frame. It’s just like costume jewlery–if you love it and it looks great, who cares if it has 14k stamped on it?

    • Shannon – that is such a good point that I didn’t think about. Some of my most precious jewelry isn’t expensive but I still mix it with my other expensive pieces. Thank you for making me put things in perspective.

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