Weekend DIY: $2 Hostess Gifts….Cheap & Chic

By the time you read this, I will have had my private bits scanned and hopefully admired by appreciative airport security personnel as The Partner and myself head back East to spend the holidays with his family in New Jersey and my family in the Bronx.  Don’t think out of sight means out of mind because even during my holiday vacation, I am going to be kicking out the awesome blog posts.  However, with FAA regulations banning all sorts of things, I thought it best to leave you with a little DIY project over the weekend courtesy of Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff.

Check out how this High Priestess of Stuff takes a ho-hum Dollar Store Candle and transforms it into something you wouldn’t feel bad giving to the inconsiderate friend who happened to show up on your door step unexpectedly forcing you to ransack your gift supply in the attempt of not looking like a bad host.


Well the candle was a $1.25 but a $1.25 in Canadian dollars so it’s like only spending $1 in the US……well sorta if you don’t take into currency fluctuations on an international monetary market…okay I will shut up

Honestly, this is one project you can drag the kids into or your less than artistically inclined significant other for help.  So check out the post and I will see you all bright and early Monday when I start blogging from Edison, New Jersey — yup, just like NYC but without the tall buildings, cool people or excitement!


2 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: $2 Hostess Gifts….Cheap & Chic

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