My New Project Has Campaign Written All Over It…..

Well not really… doesn’t have the word “campaign” spray painted on it or anything because that would just mean someone did graffiti and there are some things I just can’t stand (or sit) for including racism, sexism, black licorice, body odor and graffiti.  Actually my list of things I won’t stand (or sit) for is actually quite long and detailed including several key ballot and state referendums, clowns (they are just weird) and some choice words I can’t stand such as “moist” (doesn’t that word give you the heebies?!?).  However, as you can tell run-on sentences…..I have no problem with them or the lack of proper punctuation as detailed by my emphatic use of exclamation marks and multiple periods in a row “……..”

Okay where was I going with this?  Oh oh… new project for 2011 is refurbishing this baby……

I am calling him Captain Pete

Last weekend Jordan Ferney, the blogger behind Oh Happy Day had a tag sale where she unloaded a slew of things as she and her family prepare to move to France.  Of the many wonderful things she was selling, she had two campaign-style bureaus she was looking to unload.  One was in great shape and $150 and most logical people would have pounced on it.  I, on the other hand, was drawn to the dresser that was missing a drawer railing, has a fiberboard backer and is covered in green contact paper.  Yes folks, some crazy mofo thought it was a GOOD IDEA to cover the sides of the bureau in green contact paper.  Yet, tven with all this things going against it, I decided to purchase it for $50. Behold it in all its glory……

Faux marble contact paper lines each drawer

The drawers are scratched and painted a green normally reserved for Elk Lodges...

And yes, that is GREEN contact paper to match the drawer fronts....where do you even find green contact paper??

And why would I subject myself to what will undoubtedly cause me frustration, at least one sleepless night and potential humiliation?  Well my fickle friends, after the success of refurbishing The Grande Dame I am itching to try my hand at another furniture project.  Captain Pete (no really I wasn’t joking when I said I was going to name him that) has all the makings to be a fine upstanding match to our Grand Dame.  Aside from the obvious (duh who doesn’t love campaign furniture) there is the little issue of needing storage.  As my collection of plates, tablecloths, napkins and decorating ephemera grows this bureau has plenty of room to accommodate all the things that go into making a stellar tablescape.

I am imagining the piece painted a fun and feisty color like this beauty from Lonny Magazine….

Isn't that apple green delicious?

Or maybe something a bit more acidic like this hit number from Apartment Therapy…..

I love a fun jolt of color!

Or should I go classic like this beauty on Bryn Alexandra’s blog  on the probable chance, I will move the dresser to another spot in the house…..

White is always a good option......

Regardless of what I choose, it is going to be awesome learning all about wood fillers, veneer replacement, oil-based paints and plumbing the depths of my patience during certain to happen mishaps.

2011 is gonna ROCK!!!!!


5 thoughts on “My New Project Has Campaign Written All Over It…..

  1. I love the yellow or green! Love the colors for that piece, and love that piece. It will be fantastic. I would be tempted to do something in an unexpected lacquer, like blush pink (or OMG Barbie pink, think the Jonathon Adler tray) or ultramarine. You really can’t go wrong and you will make it stunning. And exactly how much would it cost to send it to Kansas??

  2. Oh Lord…I’ve had to deal with contact paper covered goodies myself! But this looks like it will be a fun project and I can’t hardly wait to see the final results!! Will you be posting pictures as you go along?

  3. Pop of color! Pop of color! Must be color!!!! No white, boo hiss! I’m so incredibly jealous of this diy project! The others just made me want to replicate your project for myself (I’m looking at you x-bench!) but this one makes me want to steal it away from you (once its done, of course)!

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