Sometimes It Pays To Wait …..My Black Friday Score!

So here is my story of love, loss and redemption…well sorta.  For the last 2 years, I have wanted a bar cart, in particular, I wanted a beautiful classic piece that I could work into whatever house I owned.  After searching high and low, I found what I thought was the quintessential bar cart – the Duncan Cart from Restoration Hardware:

Duncan Bar Cart from Restoration Hardware

The cart is a thing of beauty in my opinion; curvy lines, beautiful finish and just oozes class and sophistication. However, all these attributes came at a price, approximately $550 which at the time was too rich for my blood (and default my wallet). I convinced myself that I would catch it on sale, so I waited. And waited. Evidently, about 1 million other people also had the same idea because when it went on sale for $259, it  sold out in my local store and online in less than 48 hours.

I called various Restoration Hardware stores across the US to no avail.  Devastated, I soothed my wounded retail soul with the mantra that if the cart was meant to be, it would turn up eventually. So with that, I placed a picture of the cart in my inspiration file and went about buying stuff I didn’t need to fill the hole.

Flash forward a year later and I am out doing a little retail therapy on Black Friday (yup, I was one of those “loons” who got up and ventured into the stores).  I actually went into Restoration Hardware to look at the Newbury Bath Cart which I had convinced myself would be an acceptable substitute for my beloved Duncan Bar Cart. As I was looking at the Newbury, a sales associate came to ask if I needed assistance. Normally, I run from sales associates in Restoration Hardware as I have found them less than helpful in past circumstances. Little did I know that Joan, the sales associate in question, would become my Retail Angel.  Per my usual response, I declined saying “No thank you, I am just looking at the cart as a consolation prize for the Duncan cart that got away.” When I mentioned the Duncan by name, Joan crooked  her head and said “Really? Funny you even mentioned that because I think we have one of those in our warehouse across the street. We found a cart during inventory. Would you like me to check?”

The thought of a Duncan Bar Cart being less than 500 feet made me sick and excited all at once. It was close to the same feeling I had when I thought Brad Pitt was in Barneys dressing room in Beverly Hills……in his underwear. However, unlike the disappointment I experienced that day (a story for another time), the store actually DID have a Duncan Bar Cart!  Even better was that the cart was now on “clearance” for $199!  Upon hearing the price, I hugged Joan, cried a little on the inside and crammed the cart into my car before they discovered what I assumed was a huge mistake.

My baby is home......

After a year of searching and another year of regretting my indecision, I finally had the Duncan cart in my house!  After some quick rearranging on the first floor, I filled that bad boy up with all the booze and bar accessories I had been stockpiling! It’s still a work in progress but it will definitely hold me over through the holiday season!

The Duncan all tarted up......

I am still giddy over this purchase!  Did you score any deals during Black Friday?


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