Inspiration Drain……

I apologize for not posting pictures of the repainted main bathroom, but I am having a horrible time finding inspiration for what the art should be in the room.  I vowed to myself that each room I redo on the condo would have one art piece that I personally created, designed or DIYed.  I think it is important that each room has a piece of the homeowner in some way whether it be pictures, found objects or art.  For myself, I chose artwork as the way to bring “me” into the rooms.

However, each idea I come up with for a piece seems too “crafty”, “smaltzy” or just plain boring.  The cartoon below sums up my feels in a nutshell:

I really want to do something that pulls in a dark green to tie in the existing green tile in the bathroom.  I oscillate between a simple canvas design with birds on a wire (potentially trite and boring), a more daring mosaic project involving razor blades, paint and  cotton balls (may be outside my skill level), graphic design using shiny pennies (silly?) or simply keeping up the b/w picture that already is hanging in the bathroom (cop-out?).

So yeah, I need to make some decisions and do it soon!   I am curious, when you are drifting about on projects, where do you turn to for inspiration?  Would love to hear your secret (well not so secret if you tell me) spots or exercises re-energizing your design mojo!


One thought on “Inspiration Drain……

  1. We turn to you! What are we supposed to do now? 🙂

    You have a great eye. You’ll know what’s right when it’s right.

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