Loving Out Loud: Restoration Hardware Mini River Rock Fire Bowl

It is the second week of November and it officially has started to feel like Fall in Northern California.  The air is crisp….the leaves are falling……the smell of burning wood emits from neighbor’s chimneys.  It is truly the perfect time of year in my opinion.  It would also be the time of year that I would love to entertain outside, even more so than during the summer.  I love the idea of people lounging outside bundled in blankets around a fire pit drinking hot tea or spiked coffee.  However, my patio area can’t sustain a large-scale fire pit regardless of how I try to reconfigure the space….and believe me I have tried!

That is why I am so excited to see that one of my favorite stores, Restoration Hardware, has recently released a mini-version of it drool worthy fire bowls:

In love.....just a tiny bit.

While not the large-scale bowl I envisioned, these petite versions of their big brothers are perfect for those of us with cramped quarters.  Ar $49, they are also much easier on the wallet than their big brothers too!  Even better is that Restoration Hardware’s Friends & Family Sale starts up next week, so I will be there this Saturday buying my very own at 20% off.

However, if you are a serious DIY master, visit Karen over at her blog  The Art of Doing Stuff.  This DIY mama is a one-person Canadian powerhouse of ideas.  Honestly, the Canadians figured out how to get nationalized healthcare, so it clearly runs in their blood having an aptitude to figure out tough ideas.  Karen’s version of a table top fire pit is modern, amazing and cheap to boot.  If you have the time and can find the materials, I say go for it.

Photo Credit: Art of Doing Stuff

I searched for two weekends to find all the materials for her version and when I priced it out it was cheaper to buy the Restoration Hardware version.   But if anyone does attempt this version, please please please shoot me an email as I would love to highlight your efforts on the blog!


4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Restoration Hardware Mini River Rock Fire Bowl

  1. Thanks for the link! If you haven’t been able to make it for cheaper than Restoration Hardware then you’re not shopping at the right places! 🙂 You have to buy the glass and river rocks at a dollar store ($5 in total). Buy the silicone at a hardware store ($5). Buy the fire gel and hardware cloth at a hardware store ($6). That’s a total of $16. My planter was $8 or $10 on sale. You HAVE to get the planter on sale for this to be really cheap. But even at $20 you can make it for $36. Keep searching … you’ll find something! ~ karen http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com

  2. These mini fire bowls are a great idea. They are perfect for people who can’t have a full size fire pit but want the enjoyment and benefits of hanging out with family and friends around a fire.

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  4. really love the bowls they would look good anywhere round the house, and there not too badly priced to get a few of them too.

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